Is an event, celebrated every year worldwide, where activist from every country invite citizens to promote the bicycle as a valid transport in the city.


In this date, we ride our bikes raising our voice to get the attention of the leaders around the globe. Asking for peace in our planet.





September 21st, 2014



In this edition called “Riding4Peace”, we will also commemorate the international peace day. That is why activists and citizens will be working together and raising our voices in memory of our brothers from Gaza and Crimea.


The citizens share with their cities “Lanes and life phrases” making an effort to protect our cyclist.


We will organize critical masses riding in a respectful and organized manner, to demand peace, and better conditions for our cyclists.


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During that day:

(1) citizens (all over the world) will create ‘life-lines’ to protect cyclists in their cities;


(2) citizens generate any creative action in favor of urban cycling. This should  be done as a “citizen’s gift” to their city.



 “A programme designed to support new ideas for urban cycling cultures, now taking their message global”  The Guardian


“Spray paint followed, and after several minutes a line had been created” The New York Times 











Particantes | Participants